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Breach of Trust Synopsis

Breach of Trust is a film based on true events exploring the lives of two young girls who are victims of sexual abuse by family members in Cameroon, Africa. The film also explores a fictional plot involving a London mayor that tells the story of sexual abuse and cover-up. These abusers and parents are in a position of trust but they choose to sexually abuse their young family members. It is an epic story that explores how we perceive incest as a taboo. Instead of addressing the issue, standing up to the abusers, protecting the victims, and putting an end to the abuse cycle, it is instead concealed due to societal pressures, fear, and guilt. Many victims do not know who to talk to, where to get support from, feel threatened. Families often wanting to protect the abuser and family reputation. The victim fears not being believed. This is a common occurrence in our society, an epidemic. Most people have chosen to keep this form of abuse as a secret, leaving the victims to suffer in silence as well as letting the abusers carry out repeated acts while failing to get treatment. Sexual abuse has no boundaries, it exists in most countries throughout the world, however in Cameroon, it is one in five families.

Producer's Statement

Roseline Fonkwa : Producer


Growing up, I have always had a passion for helping others and my wish was that, one day, I would be in the position to not only help people directly, but be the voice of the vulnerable and needy. I’m an outgoing person with a long-term interest in journalism and film. I believe that at some point in my life, I would revert to my lifelong dream, to speak on behalf of the voiceless in the form of a journalist/media or film.


I am a business woman and have a degree in Business Management and IT, running a recruitment and a social care company, which is one of my first steps in realizing my passion: caring for people who are vulnerable.


At 6 years old I remember, one of my father’s friends almost sexually abused me, but I was lucky enough that another family member came into the living room and the abuser was not able to proceed with his act. The memory of this gives me nightmares and a lot of anger to think he used his position of trust to try to abuse his friend’s child.


It was in the capacity of a facilitator and enabler that I came into contact with a young woman who had just recently been sexually abused by her family member. When she was first abused, she was too scared to seek justice and her family treated it as a taboo which prevented her from seeking justice. Her predicament was to remain silent to protect the reputation of the family, her abuser’s identity (who had been her sponsor and other children’s sponsor throughout her education). She soon realised it was evident that her family members were too scared of losing out on the financial benefits the abusing family member provided, but also chose to protect him, the family reputation, thereby leaving the young lady with no support or rehabilitation.


After carrying out some research, it soon became apparent to me that most girls have experienced some form of sexual harassment or abuse, but are too scared to disclose it for the above reasons, fearing that they may be blamed for lying or causing this perpetrator to make sexual advances to them. It often happens, as in this young lady’s case, that it is a person of trust in the community, and friends trust who are the ones who breach their position, and the victims are left to face the consequences mostly on their own. Most people do not understand what they have gone through in their past when they find themselves in difficult positions or display certain behavior’s. I have known of victims who self-harm, have relationship problems due to lack of trust, feel worthless, guilty, and end up on the streets, or at worst commit suicide. In rare cases, some even become repeat abusers.


Following this young lady’s story, I decided not to be just a listener but a doer. I asked the Lord to direct me and he led me to this path which has resulted to the making of this film, Breach of Trust, which I dedicate it to all those affected by sexual abuse.


The film explores the lives of families and how incest becomes an evil in their family, how they deal with it, and what lessons we should learn from it.


My aim is for this film to raise awareness on sexual abuse in the family setting (incest), start a platform for discussions as it is so far treated as a taboo subject. Provide support for victims, non-abusing parents and other siblings. I have decided that this story does not just end at the film. I have created an organisation dedicated to support victims of incest both in the UK (Your Voice Of Hope) and in Cameroon (Voice Of Hope). The aim is to support victims, families with counselling, education, information support, and refuge.





Breach of Trust was shot and directed both in the UK (Nelson Spyk) and in Cameroon, Africa (Nkanya Nkwai) (Filming two thirds Cameroon and one third in the UK). It has a mix of UK based and Cameroonian Actors


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